What Will You Do in a Week’s Time?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…just one week can make a big difference in your weight loss journey! If you do a search through the posts in this category, you will find more than one mention to this fact. And the fact is…it’s true!
Two weeks ago, David and I went on our first cruise together. It was wonderful! Full of fun, relaxation, no phones, no internet, no emails or texts. Just alone time and lots and lots of bright blue waters. Oh, it was wonderful! But there was one thing we did not lack in, and that was food! 24 hours a day we could eat (and eat and eat and eat.) And you see, well, my husband likes to eat. So we made a deal at the first of the trip: we can go eat whenever he wants, however, we must forget the ship has elevators and instead, take the stairs everywhere.
And that is what we did. Oh yeah, we DID take the stairs every time we had to go to a different deck or anytime an elevator was available. We walked flights and flights. But the problem was that I did not practice what I preach in discipline when it came time for eating. Nope, I admit! I did not! I ate and ate and ate. And after just one week, my clothes fit so much tighter and I could even see in my face that I had gained.
Now, you must remember from previous posts…I’ve gained over the last year anyway. It started with a situation where I went from exercising several days a week to just sitting…for six months! And let me tell you – exercise DOES matter! I put on about 20 pounds during that time. Since then I’ve seen myself just gradually increase probably another 10 pounds or so. And since I’m only a little more than 5 feet tall, well, it looks like 50 pounds on me.
All that to say, I had no room for any more gain! But in that one week, just five days of cruising, I could tell that I had put on. But just as one week can make a difference in the negative sense, so can one week make a difference in the positive.
On our drive back home after the cruise, I made the decision that it was just too close to Christmas (where I knew there would be more eating and temptations), to continue on this path. So, I set out to make some changes. I immediately went back to eating what I know is best: low-calorie, low-fat, high protein. And I began exercising every morning. And in just one week, I can tell that my clothes are fitting better. I can see the damage I had done on that week of bliss is now in remission. In just one week!
Now, does that mean others will be able to tell? Maybe not, but I can and that is what matters. (For one…I FEEL better, and that is a good sign.) Most importantly, it’s a start! I’m more motivated now to do what needs to be done to get it all off. Of course, I am taking into consideration the week ahead and the fact that Christmas is this weekend which means there will be extra goodies. Will I enjoy them? Yes! But in moderation and keeping in mind that one week DOES make a difference!
So I ask you: What will you do in a week’s time? Think about it.

Here is a post from a couple of years ago (and also one that is found in my book, No More Weighting-Thought for the Week). I thought you might enjoy!

How to Combat the Extra Calories (First posted November 2007)
Jingle Bells, What’s that smell-
cookies, fudge and cake!
Pumpkin Pies
fill my eyes;
Seems everyone can bake.
Here I go;
Can’t say ‘no’;
Gotta fill my plate.
When New Years hits,
my clothes don’t fit…
Added 10 pounds to my weight!

Does this sound like what you could be singing during the holiday season? Does this little song reflect the story of your life?
How would you like to start the New Year with a resolution that doesn’t have to do with taking off the additional weight that you gained during the season?
Statistics show that the average person gains 7 pounds during the holiday season. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why – I think this little jingle says it all. Even those who profess they can’t cook or choose not to because they don’t have time, seem to suddenly turn into Betty Crocker when Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around.
With all of the extra cookies, candies and pies floating around the office, church and home not to mention the extra dining and parties at others’ homes, it is no wonder so many people gain during this time.Let’s look at a couple of ways to combat the extra calories this season can bring…
First – make up your mind that you are going to limit yourself. Predetermine what you will allow yourself to have. You do not want to completely deprive yourself or you may find that you will overindulge later or perhaps turn into a ‘Mr. Scrooge’ and go through the season saying “humbug!” It’s better to limit yourself and enjoy a few of those delightful goodies. By operating in discipline and restraint, you are on your way to finding a new lifestyle that will not only result in a weight loss but one that will remain.
The second suggestion is to turn up the heat! I’m not talking about your heater’s thermostat in your home but rather your internal thermostat through additional exercise. By adding extra exercise to your day, you will burn additional calories, which combats the extra ones consumed.
Combat means a battle, fight or war. Enemies try to sneak their way in without being noticed. That one piece of fudge or cookie that you consume without even realizing it is as if the enemy snuck in and shot his weapon. That weapon can easily be an extra 100 calories! Many times we consume those Christmas goodies without even thinking about what we are doing.
Now the fight is on!! By adding an extra 30 minutes of exercise into your day, you will defeat the effects of those extra calories and burn off what you consumed. Set a goal to do some type of exercise everyday. Even an extra 15 minute brisk walk will produce results when added to your regular routine. You will be glad you did when the New Year gets here and you are making those New Year’s resolutions!
Combat the extra calories of this season and learn how to create a lifestyle of realization, not deprivation!
Merry CHRISTmas!

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