I’m Just Like You!

But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified. I Cor 9:27
Today I want to share something that I feel is important for you to understand. The fact of the matter is, I’m just like you!
Many times people see others who have accomplished tasks that they desire to accomplish and for some strange reason begin to see that person as some kind of super human. That the accomplishment came easy and they just reached that goal because of who they are. Well, let me tell you…I may be a supernatural woman as a child of the most high God and I know who I am in Christ, but I am definitely not a superwoman with superhuman powers.
There are people in this world who can eat whatever they want, never lift a dumb bell and still look fabulous. They never have to watch what they put on their fork or get on a treadmill and they don’t understand those that do. Then you have the other group. The group that I fall into (and I’m assuming if you are reading this, you fit this category as well.) The group that has yo-yo’d most, if not all, of their lives. (The first group I referenced thinks I’m talking about that small toy on a string.) For those that fit into the second, you know what I’m talking about.
Something very important to note – if you fall into the second group, you never arrive. You never get to a place where you are “cured” from weight issues and can sit back and eat bon-bons like group one. You will always put effort into your weight loss journey and you will always remain aware of what goes on your fork and that exercise is a necessity!
This brings me to my point of this blog. I am just like you! I, too, have to constantly remind myself that I have not arrived. Why do I tell you this? Because due to some drastic changes in my lifestyle for four months of the end of 2009, I gained weight. I was unable to continue in the exercise pattern I had created as my weight loss journey lifestyle. I went from working out a minimum of 5 hours a week to sitting. Just sitting!
Let me tell you – exercise and proper eating go hand-in-hand! When I wasn’t exercising, my eating habits went down hill. I’ve noticed over the years that when I’m exercising regularly and feel the burn, that I have a deeper desire to eat properly. I guess it’s because I don’t want to undo the good I’ve done and make all of those burned calories be just a waste of time and energy.
With that time of sitting, I gained about 25 pounds. Now, in comparison to what I have lost since 2004 and have maintained since that time, it may not sound like a huge setback, but for me, it’s major. But, the good new is this…I KNOW what is going on. I’m AWARE of it, I WILL do something about it and I AM taking action!
My situation has changed in the last two months and my life is back to normal. And a wake up call I have received. What will help me to get back on the losing side and back on course to reaching my weight loss goals? PURPOSE! I have a purpose, a desire, a reason to do so. And my purpose is found in the scripture at the top of this page. How can I be qualified to help you or others who are in need, if I’m not doing these things I preach myself? So that is MY purpose! But you have your own and you need to find it. What are your Weight Loss Whys? What is it you want to accomplish by reaching your goals? What is your purpose?
I hope you realize by my testimony that I am just like you. I face the same challenges that you face and have the same struggles that you do. I am a supernatural woman that lives in a natural body and therefore must face head-on these challenges and struggles and make the decision to take action against them. And so are you! And the first action you must take is to find or revisit your purpose! I encourage you to do so today!
Please, if you have read this and feel it has been a benefit to you, take a moment to post a comment and let me know how it has helped you. I’d love to hear from you!
Together we WILL do it!
Let your light shine,

2 thoughts on “I’m Just Like You!

  1. "exercise and proper eating go hand-in-hand! When I wasn't exercising, my eating habits went down hill. I've noticed over the years that when I'm exercising regularly and feel the burn, that I have a deeper desire to eat properly. I guess it's because I don't want to undo the good I've done and make all of those burned calories be just a waste of time and energy."I am experiencing this now. I have a deeper desire to eat properly because that burn makes me think "no way do i want to mess up what I did to get here!" Thank Debbi for all you do! You are a testimony for us all! 1 Cor. 9:27Jodie


  2. I must become more FOCUSED. My problem is snacking AFTER dinner. I do well all day and then seem to fall apart after dinner and probably not really even hungry! My purpose is to loose weight and avoid possible back surgery again! Get rid of the "tummy" that is pulling on my back.


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