One Week CAN Make a Difference!

Where has this past month gone?  It has been quite a while since I have posted on here yet it seems like yesterday.  There is much going on at this time including working on publishing my first book!  I am very excited about it and how the Lord is working everything out.  It will be a compilation of the Thought for the Weeks set up in a 52 week devotional.  As I have been busy going through all of my past Thought for the Week blogs, I came across one that spoke to me for this moment and I wanted to share it with you again.  Yes, it is a repost but it is timely. It is titled Just One Week.  So much can happen in ‘just one week’!  For example, the publishing of a book…it was less than a week ago that all of this began to come together and it will be complete by the first of next month.  One of my personal desires will have been met and it all started less than one week ago.  You can do anything in just one week.  The key is starting NOW.  Here is the thought for this week.  Please consider what is being said and apply it to your life…


Just One Week!



What I want to share with you this week is a personal observation. Actually, all of my writings are based on personal observations so this is nothing new.


You see, I go through the exact same struggles that you do. As I have mentioned before, just to say “I’ve lost weight” does not mean, “I’ve arrived”.  You are never cured from weight issues – it is something you have to make decisions on each and every day. Since I began this weight loss journey several years ago, I still have not reached my personal goal size and have fluctuated with an added 10-15 lbs on occasion. So you see, I am going through this with you and always will! The difference for me is that in times past I would have put all 80 pounds back on plus some and I can honestly say, that will never happen because I have changed my lifestyle! Thank God!


Now for this week’s observation…just one week can make a big difference!!!  In this day and age with the hustle and bustle of life, a week can go by with the blink of an eye and therefore seem so insignificant. However big changes can take place in a week’s time – good or bad!


Just three weeks ago, I was doing so well and disciplined!!  I tracked every bite and was staying within my calorie, fat, sodium and protein range and I could tell my body was shrinking. Then what happens? I go on vacation! In just one week of eating out, not tracking and little exercise, my body is bloated and my clothes are fitting tighter. IN JUST ONE WEEK!!


So, guess what I’m doing again? You got it! I’m back on track and have MADE THE DECISION to do what I know to do.


Now here is what I want you to do…for one week, discipline yourself by writing everything you eat, exercise regularly, stay within your allotted calories, etc and see how you feel. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and in addition will notice changes taking place in your body. Yes, in just one week. You are not as ‘puffy’ because you most likely have not consumed as much sodium and you can tell that you are on your way to losing. Give it two weeks and you will really begin to see and feel the difference.


Have a great week and see what changes you can make by making the same decision I have.  I would love to hear your results!


(Just to be cl
ear, do not expect to drop an exceeding amount of pounds in one week but if you are observing your body, you will notice differences that will encourage you to keep moving forward. One week becomes two, which becomes a month, which becomes a lifestyle!)


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