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The Bluebonnets of Ennis

This past week, a group of my photog-friends all loaded up and headed east…to Ennis!

We had a great time and although the bluebonnets had not yet peaked, we saw many beautiful fields.

Here are a few images as a result of our trip to see the bluebonnets of Ennis:


Squash Flats

As a result of my last post, I experimented and created another recipe that I like even more than the last. 

It’s perfect for me! Simple ingredients, very easy and completely delicious.

These Squash Flats are perfect for a little snack, to use with hummus or dips, as a sandwich wrap, soft taco shells or anytime you want something grain free.

So easy!

So delish!

Here we go…

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 7.47.29 PM




I’m in Love

…with cauliflower! 

In my new eating lifestyle (which I LOVE by the way) I’ve developed a relationship with a vegetable that I’ve never really cared much for before. 

That big, white head of smelly stuff. I’ve eaten plenty of it in my life, but not like lately.

My Foodie-Friend, Lisa, recently sent me a recipe for cauliflower pizza crust. She and her hubby just raved about how wonderful it is. So we tried it and they were absolutely right! I honestly don’t care if I ever have regular pizza crust again! Yes, it was that good!

Then today she sent me a link for another recipe using the white stuff to make wraps. It is a wonderful recipe that can be found here.

I had some leftover cooked ground turkey from last night’s dinner and had thought about making tacos for tonight (using lettuce as shells.) When I saw the wraps, I went looking for a recipe for cauliflower taco shells. I didn’t dig too deep, but what I discovered for most of the recipes I DID find, they were very similar to the wraps. So I decided to go ahead and give them a try. Here is where my recipe takes on a twist and produced my new favorite taco shells.

(Please be kind. I am not typically a blogger who posts recipes so I have no step by step photos. AND even though I am a photographer, my photos are snapshots with my iPhone. Again, be kind.) 

I created the recipe (for the most part) like Lauren’s of Empowered Sustenance

I used: 

  • 4 cups of riced cauliflower (cauliflower that has been processed or grated to the consistency of rice)
  • Steam the riced cauli in about ¼ c of water until good and tender.
  • After done, allow to cool a bit then dump into a strainer covered by a towel (such as flour sack type). Then twist the towel around the cauli and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze to get all of the water out. You will notice you have a small ball when done. (reduces the mixture to about 3 cups of cooked riced cauli.)
  • Put the ball of cauli in a bowl and add two eggs and season with whatever seasonings you’d like.
  • Now, here’s the main difference: take a small yellow squash and grate it with a fine grater. Put that clump of squash in the towel and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze again. Now add it to the bowl of cauli and eggs.
  • Mix it with a fork to get it blended well.
  • Place parchment paper on two cookie sheets and spray lightly with olive oil.
  • Put a large spoonful (or two) of batter on the sheets to make a round. (I could get three on one sheet and two on another – makes a total of five rounds). Then take a smaller piece of paper and use it to flatten the batter to about ⅛” in thickness and 5 to 6 inches in diameter. Use the spoon to push the edges to make a circle.

Bake for 15 minutes in a preheated 375º oven. Then take out of the oven and using another piece of parchment paper, cover the rounds. Using a cooling rack or another cookie sheet, flip them over and then put then back in the oven for about 5 more minutes.

Once a slight golden color, check to make sure they can be lifted off the paper and place onto cooling racks.

I made these earlier in the day and wrapped in plastic wrap until dinner time. I then lightly sprayed my skillet and heated them, flipping a couple of times to give a little more color to them. With this method, I’m convinced they can be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge or even frozen.

The little bit of squash in the batter gave them a slight corn flavor, which makes it perfect for me as taco shells.

Best tacos ever! 

Here are my snapshots from our dinner tonight:

IMG_7005 IMG_7006 IMG_7007 IMG_7008 IMG_7009

(Note: These are about the texture of pita bread and the squash makes them quite sturdy. They would be great as a bread substitute for sandwiches or burgers. Yum!)

Lena Pope’s 35th Fiesta de Oro is Coming Up Soon!

Several weeks ago, my wonderful and talented photog-friend, Lola Hardisty of Lavender Pathways, invited me to accompany her to a photo shoot she was doing for the Lena Pope Home.

She encouraged me to shoot along side of her to give the graphic artist more photos to choose from for the invite they were creating. It was to be used for the 35th Fiesta de Oro that will be coming up on April 22nd at Joe T Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant in Fort Worth. We had a beautiful model and dancer, Katy Alvarado, with the Ballet Folklorico Azteca. This event raises money to help the Home with many different needs.

Much to my surprise, they selected one of my photos for the invite. I’m quite honored and humbled, as I was only along to accompany and assist Lola.

This is the photo they selected: 


Please consider attending the event. You will find your personal invitation and ticket sales here




As I was scanning today, I came across another old photo. It’s one that quickly reminded me of a photos I posted the other day. It’s another brotherly – sisterly love photo.

Last week I shared this one of my mom and her brother:


And here is the one I found today of me and my little brother:

Do you see the contrast? 

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad’s birthday. 

This is my dad (yes, and mom.)

He was my first male love. 

He has always taken very good care of me.

I’m blessed! 

dsr_20130421cg founders day picnic265

HAPPY 36th BIRTHDAY DAY!  (wink)

The Crooked Canister

When visiting the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden the other day, we walked upon this image. Well, we walked upon the subject of this image.

The first thing I noticed was the flower canister and how it was not sitting straight.

The beauty outweighed the imperfection. 

How often do we focus so much on our own imperfections that we forget about, or overlook the beauty in the areas where we shine? The areas that mean the most – how we help others and our strengths that benefit those around us?

See the beauty beyond the crooked canister!


How to Get Color in a Black and White World

In my Scan the Fam(ily) Project which I’ve been involved in for about three weeks so far, I’ve started with the oldest photos and working my way to the more recent.

What does that mean? It means seeing a large amount of black and white photos.

I did, however, find a few from the 1930′s that have color.

They were tinted.

That’s how to get color in a black and white world!

My great-grandmother Stroh with my one year old dad:

My dad as Santa:

My uncle (who is celebrating a birthday today) as Santa:

Now THESE are OLD Photos!

I am not sure if these are of the Rupard line of family, Lewis or Garrett, but what I do know is they are old.

The first is an old tintype photo and the other one is full of cowboys. The real ones.

I’m quite certain they are both from the 1800′s but that is all I know, well…except that they are very old!

Brother and Sisterly…Love?

This is for sure and without doubt my FAVORITE discovery of today’s sorting and scanning in the Scan the Fam Project

This priceless photo is my mother and her baby brother.

I think the expressions say it all. 

#ThrowBackThursday Fun!

Throwback Thursday? Are you kidding? I’ve been living in Throwback Two-Weeks! For two weeks I’ve been working on my HUGE Scan the Fam(ily) Project of scanning old, Old, OLd, OLD family photos to get them saved, cataloged and available for all future generations of our families.

I’ve been engrossed in black and white and sepia images for two full weeks.

But I love it! It’s so fun going back and seeing all of these old images. I have a long way to go before starting on the color images that await me. THOUSANDS of them!

So doing a #tbt image today is no biggie. Well, actually it was….which ONE to share.

I had just read an article that my Facebook friend, Erin Manning, had shared about how to get creative with your Facebook profile and cover photos. I decided to give it a try.

I decided to use a family photo taken in the late 60′s of my mom, dad, brother and myself. I remember having this photo taken like it was yesterday! We lived in Columbia, Mississippi (where I was born) and my dad was the manager of a department “dime” store called McClellan’s. It was a part of the McCrory’s chain and they had a traveling photographer come in for a day – like was often done back in those days – to take portraits.

I was in a very bad mood and had a major attitude. I don’t recall why, but I do remember that I DID NOT want my picture taken. As we sat there and that poor photographer tried desperately to get me to smile without success, my dad’s hand reach to my side and started tickling me.

This was the shot! With my tongue sticking out!

It has remained a favorite of mine for all these years. Maybe because it is the first and last professional family photo I think we ever took. (Hmm, maybe we should try to duplicate it. Now that would be fun!)


I found myself spending too much time on it, so finally decided to leave as is. It’s definitely not perfect, but it’s fine for today – which is throwback thursday. FUN!

Here is the final look:

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.47.19 PM

To read the great article from Layers Magazine that Erin shared, see…

Attracting Friends with a Fabulous Facebook Design « Layers Magazine.

Little Rascals?

I had to share this photo! As I’m scanning these old family photos, there are some that jump out at me. This is one.

I recognize my great-grand-aunt as a young girl as well as my great-aunt. I think my grandmother is the baby in the image. That would put this image having been taken around 1916 or so.

Looking at these children reminds me so much of the Little Rascals. And I’m quite certain they were!

This Thing Called Facebook – What is it Good For?

I can’t help but hear an ending to that question in the form of a song that goes, “…what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.” 

But that’s not necessarily  true.

Let’s look at just a few of the pros and cons of Facebook:


  • It’s a time-waster.
  • It’s addictive.
  • People get hurt by personal attacks, posts or comments.

In relation to the Cons, I confess…In past, I have wasted hundreds of hours being on this particular social media site. I admit it.

But now for the Pros.


  • It allows connections with new friends.
  • (Perhaps even more important) It allows reconnections with friends and family from past times in life. Some we have lost complete contact with and would never have heard from again if it wasn’t for this “time-waster.”
  • It’s a way to remain connected with those friends.

Now, in my opinion there is great benefit in the Pros as long as we don’t allow the Cons to override. Just like anything else, it takes control and moderation if you are one who is tempted to spend too much time on the site. For many, that is a real problem. For others, they never get on so there’s no temptation of the Cons.

Here is how I personally use Facebook and feel it is beneficial to me:

  • I use it for the Pros above.
  • I use it to spread the Word that I so confidently believe, in hopes it will encourage others.
  • I keep up with family that live across the globe and some I’ve never met. It’s a fun way to keep in touch with them and share what’s going on in my life just like I enjoy knowing what is going on in theirs.
  • I post things that excite me and I want to share my excitement with my friends.
  • I share prayer requests to those who will honestly pray. (I love how fast tens or hundreds of people can come together in agreement, all in a matter of minutes.)
  • I pray for others.
  • Even more than the above, I love seeing the praise reports as a result of answered prayer.
  • I like to be goofy sometimes and what is the sense if no one knows how goofy I am? So I share those moments.
  • I use it to bookmark certain interests by “liking” pages.
  • I have my BLOG sites connected to it so that my published posts get shared on Facebook (which is why I can go many days without being on and it appears I’m on daily. I just let a secret out of the bag.)
  • I use it to share my photos because some people enjoy seeing them. (And I enjoy sharing them.)
  • I have very few pages and people set up in notifications. I don’t like feeling overwhelmed with all those red numbers showing up.
  • My computer will notify me of replies to a post or comment I’ve made so I do not have to have FB open and yet I know when someone has contacted me, replied or posted on my page.
  • I only accept friend requests from people I personally know. No matter who suggests them.
  • It’s a great “down-time” filler. You know, like sitting and waiting for your car to be maintained.
  • I “like” only pages I have a true interest in so I don’t have a feed full of information I do not care about. And I use the pages that I liked, because well…I get to choose and they are a tool to me. I am not one to like every suggested page that comes my way.
  • I never ever play games and all the invites I get, I ignore. No sense in posting a blanket statement about not inviting me because I am sure a) it will not be seen by those busy playing games, b) I will receive more invites because reality is those who do play send out an invite to their entire list.
  • I do not get involved in chain posts, the behind the scenes secret games and do not “like” or comment on posts for the sake of “seeing what it will do.” Come on people! All it will do is put a “like” or a comment on the page. Let’s get real.
  • I rarely take any of the polls (although I did recently take one that nailed me. Ha!)
  • I try to only post positives and almost never post anything that is a negative. (I say almost never because I did once but it bugged me so that I deleted it.)

In reality, if we do not allow it to consume us, be addictive or be offensive then Facebook is a great source of not only friendships, but a fun way to share information with those we care about and also learn things from those same people as well as informative pages. It’s a way to have information at our fingertips in areas of interest. It’s a great tool if we use it that way.

Now if your feed is being bombarded with posts that you get tired of seeing, most likely you need to add more “likes” or find more family and friends to connect to. When you have a number of interesting pages flowing through your feed, you need not look too far to find a link to information that you may have a question on. Even without 400 friends and relatives you can have a wide variety of information in your feed to keep you informed, entertained and never bored. In can be used strictly as an information device. But why? Friends make it more fun!

So this thing called Facebook, what is it good for?

Absolutely whatever you make it!



It is Proven!

The Word is true and does not lie!

There are so many that I know who are in need of prayer. Miracles are needed for some, healing for others, peace, joy, restoration, financial blessings, favor, deliverance and the list goes on.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming. 

As the scripture below says, “He is a shield to all who trust Him.” This word “shield” means to encompass, encircle, envelop – like full-body armor.

This I know…the Word is proven! 

If Only

…I knew who these people are in this image. 

Another fave of my Scan the Fam(ily) Project. 

I know we are related.

Rupard or Lewis, most likely. 

But who?

If only!

A Reminder: Be Aware, Check Your Surroundings

I’m so thankful tonight! Thankful that we dwell in the secret place of the Most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty!

Just a few days ago, I was sitting at a signal light and I had a thought, “Don’t just go when the light turns green, look both ways first.”

So many times we get so trusting in the light turning green that we just go without being aware of what others are doing around us. I know for me, I’m guilty. I don’t text while driving but I will check or reply to messages while sitting at a red light. How many of  you do the same thing?

Well this particular day, I had no idea why the Lord spoke to me and reminded me to be sure and always look when going and not just trusting the light to tell me when to go. And I recall thinking that I needed to remind Sweet Hubby of that very thing, too.

But what happened? By the time I got home and Sweet Hubby got in from work, I made dinner, we ate, sat down to watch the Olympics…well, I forgot.

Fast forward to today. 

We had run a couple of errands and were on our way home. We were first at the light and sitting, waiting for it to turn green so we could turn left. This particular intersection has a total of six lanes across, three in each direction. The light turned green and we went. As we crossed the first three lanes and were just about to turn onto our direction, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye to our right side. I gasped! Next out of my mouth was “Jesus!” When I gasped, Sweet Hubby was startled and hesitated. As he did a car sped past us from our right at a very high speed in the lane closest to us. He did not run a yellow light. No, that light had been red long enough for us to start moving and pass three lanes of traffic. The back of our vehicle contained breakables so Sweet Hubby did not accelerate very quickly. That light had been red for several seconds and the driver sped through without any reservation.

At my gasp, sweet hubby hesitated and as “Jesus!” came out of my mouth we came to a stop. And good thing! If we had not hesitated and stopped we would have been t-boned on my side. It shook us both up at the thought of what just happened and what could have been the result.

At that moment I remembered my warning from the other day. I did not wait another minute to share that warning with Sweet Hubby as a reminder of how important it is for us to not get so comfortable and trusting in a light to tell us when to go.

I share this tonight to spread the warning to you. Don’t trust a light to tell you when to go. ALWAYS be aware and check your surroundings. 

Dreaming of Color

After a week of scanning black and white or sepia images, I am dreaming of color. I have not been out to use my camera in a while, but that is mainly because of being engrossed in this project. In addition, even though the outdoor temperatures have been perfectly spring-like lately, there is absolutely no color on fields, trees or shrubs….anything!

Everything seems to be sepia these days. 

This photo helps me get past the drab and have a vision for the near future.

Yes, I’m dreaming of color!

Puzzle Piece in Place – CM Cockrell Co, Dallas

What an interesting find in my Scan the Fam(ily) Project!

As I was going through the box of VERY old photos of family from generations in past, I came across the photo below. 

My first thought was that perhaps it is the blacksmith shop owned by my great-great-grandfather Rupard, As I looked closer, many of the items I assume would be in a blacksmith shop were missing.

Hmm, who could this be and where was it taken?

The photo was located in a box that also contained some crumbling papers that had handwritten and typed solution recipes for stripping jewelry. My great aunt had worked for many years for Mr Leon Rudberg of Rudberg Jewelers in Dallas. So perhaps this image was of a manufacturing warehouse for Rudberg’s?

No, it didn’t look like anything to do with jewelry.

Then as I zoomed in very close, I noticed a handwritten sign propped up. It was just too small and faded and hard to see. I cropped it in and made some adjustments, then noticed what I thought said CM Cockrell Co, Dallas.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 4.25.43 PM

But this told me nothing! Was this a sign the men had made for someone else or was it a sign for this particular place?

I called my mother and sent her copy of the scanned image to see if she had any idea. She thought perhaps the man in the back looked like her Grandpa Lewis at a very young age, but had no information on his employment, other than knowing that he at one time worked for Rudberg. She had no knowledge of who or what CM Cockrell Co could be.

I did a very quick google search and found this: 

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 4.27.39 PM

Obviously, CM Cockrell made electrical fixtures. But who is this in the image?

Later in the evening while searching for other things on ancestry.com, I found a War Draft Registration for my great-grandfather Lewis. Guess what his occupation was at the time, dated 1917?

Yes, he was an electroplater at CM Cockrell Co, Dallas.

A puzzle piece has been put in place!


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